By Eric Schweibenz
On November 22, 2011, Chief ALJ Charles E. Bullock issued Order No. 14 in Certain Static Random Access Memories and Products Containing Same (Inv. No. 337-TA-792).

In the Order, ALJ Bullock denied a joint motion filed by Complainant Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (“Cypress”) and Alcatel-Lucent and Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc. (collectively “Alcatel”) requesting permission to allow Cypress’ and Alcatel’s respective client representatives to attend the December 1, 2011 mediation by telephone.  Specifically, ALJ Bullock determined that “it is critical to the success of the mediation to have the in-person participation of the decision makers in order to not only facilitate communication, but also to identify and overcome issues that may create an impasse to settlement.”  While ALJ Bullock denied the joint motion, he noted that the “parties may seek permission to conduct the mediation on another date in order to ensure the in-person attendance of their respective client representatives.”