Oblon, Spivak decided to start this ITC 337 Law Blog in response to the rising interest in section 337 practice and the recognized need for a forum for sharing information relating to this unique type of litigation.  The ITC continues to gain popularity as a preferred forum for intellectual property owners to enforce their rights.

In 2008, the ITC instituted approximately 50 new section 337 investigations – more than a 30% increase from the same time period in 2007.  These numbers represent an upward trend in section 337 filings that we expect to continue in the years to come.

Despite the growing popularity of section 337 litigation, however, there are very few resources in the public domain that provide reliable up-to-date information and comments on issues relating specifically to this practice.  There is, of course, the ITC’s useful website (www.usitc.gov) and a wealth of information that can be gathered by using the ITC’s Electronic Document Information System (“EDIS”), but monitoring these sources for recent developments can be time-consuming.

There remains a void, in our view, for easily-accessible reporting of interesting developments about new and pending investigations, litigation trends, statistics, practical insights into the Administrative Law Judges, and commentary on important ITC decisions.  We hope that this blog will help fill that void and that you will adopt it as a useful resource for quickly finding useful information relating to section 337 practice.  We certainly welcome any comments or ideas you have as to how we can make this blog a valuable tool for all ITC practitioners.

For those of you who have found this website useful, please tell your friends and colleagues about our blog.

We welcome your support and comments and look forward to providing you with information and insight into the unique and exciting practice of section 337 litigation.

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