By Eric Schweibenz
On September 7, 2010, ALJ E. James Gildea issued Order No. 5 in Certain Electronic Devices With Image Processing Systems, Components Thereof, and Associated Software (Inv. No. 337-TA-724).

In the Order, ALJ Gildea set November 9, 2010 as the date for the Markman hearing determining that “an early Markman hearing will assist in streamlining the issues for the evidentiary hearing and final initial determination in this Investigation.”  ALJ Gildea further determined that since the schedule for the investigation requires rapid preparation, “[t]he parties should meet and confer in an effort to resolve the meaning of as much of the claim language at issue as possible, as the number of disputed patent claim terms to be addressed at the Markman hearing will not exceed 16 terms.”  (Emphasis in original).  ALJ Gildea’s Order also included a revised procedural schedule and the rules governing the Markman hearing.