On August 18, 2011, former Chief ALJ Paul J. Luckern issued the public version of Order No. 12 (dated August 3, 2011) in Certain Handbags, Luggage, Accessories and Packaging Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-754).  In the Order, ALJ Luckern granted a joint motion filed by Complainant Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. (“Vuitton”) and several respondents to terminate the investigation based on two settlement agreements and consent order stipulations between Vuitton and each of the settling respondents. 

According to the Order, the Commission Investigative Staff (“OUII”) represented that one settlement agreement relates to domestic respondents Meada Corporation; Pacpro, Inc.; Jiu Gao Zheng, a/k/a Victor Zheng and a/k/a Peter Zheng; Alice Bei Wang; Trendy Creations, Inc.; and Monhill, Inc., while the other settlement agreement is between Vuitton and each of the Chinese entities and/or individuals who reside in China, namely: Zhixian Lu; Jiu An Zheng; Guangzhou Rimen Leather Goods Company Limited a/k/a Rimen Leather Co., Ltd. and a/k/a Guangzhou Rui Ma Leatherware Co., Ltd.; Jian Yong Zheng, a/k/a Jianyong Zheng; Jiuyou Zheng; Jianbin Zheng; Shengfeng Lin; Wenzhou DIOPHY Trading Company Limited; and Wenzhou BOLIHAO Leather Goods Company Limited. OUII further represented that other respondents elected to default and therefore only certain nonparticipating respondents remain in this investigation.

After reviewing the confidential and non-confidential versions of the settlement agreements and consent order stipulations, ALJ Luckern granted the joint motion filed by Vuitton and the settling Respondents, and terminated the investigations as to such Respondents.