By Eric Schweibenz
On November 1, 2011, ALJ E. James Gildea issued the public version of Order No. 30 (dated November 1, 2011) in Certain Reduced Ignition Proclivity Cigarette Paper Wrappers and Products Containing Same (Inv. No. 337-TA-756).

In the Order, ALJ Essex granted a joint motion filed by Complainant Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc. (“SWM”) and Respondents delfortgroup A.G., Dr. Franz Feurstein GmbH, Papierfabrik Wattens GmbH & Co KG, Astra Tobacco Corporation, Dosal Tobacco Corporation, Farmer’s Tobacco Co., S&M Brands, Inc., and Tantus Tobacco LLC (the “Delfort Respondents”) to terminate the investigation based on a settlement agreement.  After reviewing the confidential and non-confidential versions of the agreement, ALJ Gildea granted the joint motion filed by SWM and the Delfort Respondents.