By Eric Schweibenz
On November 28, 2012, ALJ Thomas B. Pender issued Order No. 36 granting Complainant Anu IP LLC’s (“Anu”) motion to terminate the investigation based on withdrawal of the Complaint as to Respondent Option, Inc. in Certain Electronic Devices Having A Retractable USB Connector (Inv. No. 337-TA-843).

According the Order, after the complaint was filed, counsel for Respondent Option NV (which was terminated by Commission Notice on August 2, 2012) informed counsel for Anu that Option, Inc. – Option NV’s U.S. subsidiary – was dissolved and no longer in existence.  After independently confirming the foregoing, Anu withdrew the complaint as to Option, Inc.  Since Option, Inc. was the only remaining respondent, Anu asserted that termination of the investigation was warranted.  The Commission Investigative Staff agreed, stating that it was unaware of any extraordinary circumstances that warranted denial of Anu’s motion.  The motion also included a statement that there were no agreements, written or oral, express or implied between Anu and Option, Inc. concerning the subject matter of the investigation, as required by Rule 210.21.  Accordingly, ALJ Pender found termination of the investigation to be in the public interest, and issued an Initial Determination granting Anu’s motion.