On April 23, 2009, the Commission issued a Notice determining not to review the initial determination of ALJ Carl C. Charneski granting Complainant Farouk System, Inc.’s (“FSI”) motion for summary determination of violation of section 337 in Certain Hair Irons and Packaging Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-637).

By way of background, on March 14, 2008, the Commission instituted the investigation based upon FSI’s complaint.  The named respondents were:  CHI Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. of Singapore (“CHI Systems”); Princess Silk, LLC of Lake Forest, California (“Princess Silk”); Kamashi International of Hong Kong, China (“Kamashi”); Mount Rise, Ltd. of Dongguan, China (“Mount Rise”); and Dongguan Fumeikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. of Dongguan, China (“Dongguan Fumeikang”).  Dongguan Fumeikang and Princess Silk were terminated from the investigation on the basis of a consent order on May 21, 2008 (Order No. 8 ) and December 4, 2008 (Order No. 11), respectively.  On January 30, 2009, ALJ Charneski granted FSI’s motion (Order No. 13) to find Mount Rise, Kamashi, and CHI Systems in default for failure to respond to the complaint and Notice of Investigation.

FSI also filed a motion for summary determination of violation against Mount Rise, Kamashi, and CHI Systems.  ALJ Charneski issued an initial determination granting the motion for summary determination on March 10, 2009.

The Commission extended the period for completion of the investigation 17 days to June 29, 2009.  The Commission is soliciting written submissions that address the form of remedy (if any should be ordered), public interest, and bonding.  Written submissions must be filed by May 8, 2009 and replies must be filed by May 15, 2009.