By Eric Schweibenz
On July 14, 2009, ALJ Robert K. Rogers, Jr. issued the public version of Order No. 8 in Certain Lighting Control Devices Including Dimmer Switches and Parts Thereof (337-TA-676).  In the Order, ALJ Rogers granted complainant Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. (“Lutron”) and respondent Universal Smart Electric Corp.’s (“Universal”) joint motion to terminate the investigation based on a Consent Order.

In view of the Commission Investigative Staff’s support of the joint motion, an agreement between Lutron and Universal, and the fact that Universal was the sole respondent in this investigation, ALJ Rogers determined that “termination of this investigation is in the public interest and does not impose any undue burdens on the public health and welfare, competitive conditions in the United States economy, the production of like or directly competitive articles in the United States, and United States consumers.”